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PAPILOCARE Genital Gel 30 ml

18.27 $

Adjuvant treatment of genital warts caused by HPV in both men and women

  • Gel for the treatment of genital warts caused by HPV in men and women
  • Non-hormonal gel with moisturizing and re-epithelializing properties of the external genital area indicated to treat warts caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) in women and men
  • It is specifically designed and has a patented formula based on seven ingredients of natural origin that make it a very safe and tolerable treatment
  • It helps treat and repair the genital mucosa, in addition to preventing recurrences.

Seven components including Coriolus versicolor extract and Bioecolia®, a prebiotic that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus crispatus.

In addition, its formulation also has hyaluronic acid, beta-glucan, centella asiatica, neem extract and aloe vera extract.


Apply a small amount of product with your fingertips to the external genital area.
Two applications a day are recommended, and it is advisable that one of them be at night, before going to bed.
Can be used together with Papilocare® vaginal gel


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