Gels that Protect Vagina and Genital Area

The vaginal mucosa is very delicate, so it needs specific care. The vaginal microbiota (vaginal flora) is largely made up of lactobacilli that produce lactic acid, which maintains a pH between 4-5 and hinders the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Lactobacillus of the intimate flora play a critical role in defending against possible infections by modulating immunity and regulating pH.

The importance of genital gel relates to the health and well-being of the genital area, which includes, in women, the vulva, labia, and surrounding area. Genital gels are designed to maintain pH balance and prevent imbalances that can lead to infections.

Internal Care

These intimate drugstore gels come

-in individual containers with small cannulas

-in larger containers, with applicators

All this to be applied comfortably inside the vagina, before going to bed.

External Care

Just as you hydrate your skin, you should hydrate your intimate area with a pharmacy intimate gel.

There are specific gels to hydrate the genital and vulvar area, that respect the pH of the area, hypoallergenic and with moisturizing and soothing active ingredients such as.

You must be constant and apply it in the mornings.

NOTICE: OTC products available without a prescription (Paid affiliate link).

Options available in other gels

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