Help for Scar Repair

Removing scars from common, flat, or palmar warts can be challenging, but there are several products and treatments available that can help reduce their appearance. It is important to note that the effectiveness of these products may vary from person to person, and they may not completely remove scars, but they can significantly improve their appearance.

Treatment options may include:

Gels and creams with silicone: They are applied directly to the scar and can help soften it and reduce its appearance. Examples include Mederma and Cicatricure.

Rosehip oil: It can be applied directly to the scar and gently massaged to help reduce its appearance over time.

Products with vitamin C and E: You can find creams and oils with vitamin E that can help soften scars over time.

Retinoid creams: They can promote cell renewal and improve the appearance of scars over time. These products may be more effective on old scars.

Creams with alpha hydroxy acids (AHA): Creams with AHAs, such as glycolic acid, can help exfoliate the skin and improve the appearance of scars.

Options to purchase for scars

When can you start putting rosehip on a scar?

Just after the scab has fallen off the wound is the ideal time to use rosehip oil. This will be the main reason that will make the scar imperceptible once it is recovered, since the color of the skin that emerges will be very similar to the rest.

NOTICE: OTC products available without a prescription (Paid affiliate link).

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