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We understand the importance of proactive measures in managing HPV-related concerns. Here we present solutions in the form of vaginal and genital gels designed to provide targeted support against HPV. Explore our page to learn more about the benefits of these gels, how they work, and the science behind their formulation.

Vaginal gels for her: taking action to prevent cervical cancer

Action to prevent cervical cancer. Papilocare, Colpofix and Monogin are a prove that medical research is advancing. More and more pharmaceuticals are looking for a solution to HPV.

Genital gel his&hers: taking care of genital area

These specialized gels aim to offer a complementary solution for those seeking additional support in their journey toward better health.

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Comparaison: Deflagyn vs Colpofix vs Papilocare Vs Monogin

In this comparison, we will analyze four products used in the management and treatment of conditions related to Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical health: Deflagyn, Colpofix, Papilocare, and Monogin. These products are designed for different approaches in preventing and treating cervical lesions and symptoms related to HPV.


  • Composition and Mechanism of Action: Deflagyn is a vaginal gel with a mechanism based on modifying the vaginal pH and creating an unfavorable environment for HPV development. It contains ingredients such as bioactive silicon.
  • Use and Application: It is mainly used for treating precancerous lesions (CIN 1) and helping normalize cervical cytology. It is applied intravaginally with an applicator.
  • Efficacy: Clinical studies have shown its effectiveness in reducing cervical lesions and normalizing cytological results.
  • Side Effects: Generally well tolerated, although some users may experience brownish leaks due to the amount used.


  • Composition and Mechanism of Action: Colpofix is a vaginal gel composed of hyaluronic acid and other bioadhesive substances that promote healing and regeneration of cervical tissue.
  • Use and Application: It is used to enhance epithelial repair, especially after procedures like cervical conization. It is also applied intravaginally with an applicator.
  • Efficacy: Helps in post-procedure recovery and reduces cervical inflammation.
  • Side Effects: Generally well tolerated.


  • Composition and Mechanism of Action: Papilocare is a vaginal gel that combines ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, beta-glucan, and plant extracts with immunomodulatory and regenerative properties. It is designed to prevent and treat cervical lesions caused by HPV.
  • Use and Application: Recommended for daily use over prolonged periods (usually 6 months) to maximize effectiveness in normalizing cervical cytology. It is applied intravaginally.
  • Efficacy: Clinical studies have shown a significant reduction in lesions and higher HPV clearance rates.
  • Side Effects: Most users tolerate it well. Some leaks due to the amount of product used, with some light odour.


  • Composition and Mechanism of Action: Monogin is a vaginal cream containing a mix of ingredients designed to restore the natural balance of vaginal flora and pH. It includes components such as lactic acid.
  • Use and Application: Used for treating vaginal infections and maintaining overall vaginal health. Applied intravaginally as directed.
  • Efficacy: Effective in preventing and treating bacterial vaginosis and other minor infections. Not specifically aimed at treating HPV but helps maintain a healthy vaginal environment.
  • Side Effects: Generally well tolerated.

Comparative Summary

ProductMain UseMechanism of ActionTreatment DurationHPV EfficacySide Effects
DeflagynPrecancerous lesions (CIN 1)Vaginal pH modificationShort termHighBrown leak
ColpofixPost-procedure repairHealing and regenerationVariableModerate
PapilocarePrevention and treatment of HPV lesionsImmunomodulatory and regenerative6 monthsHighLeak
MonoginGeneral vaginal healthRestoring vaginal floraAs neededN/A


Each product has its own specific indications and benefits:

  • Deflagyn: Ideal for women with precancerous lesions seeking to normalize cytology.
  • Colpofix: Beneficial for healing after cervical procedures.
  • Papilocare: Excellent for preventing and treating HPV-caused lesions, focusing on regeneration and virus clearance.
  • Monogin: Suitable for maintaining general vaginal health and treating minor infections, but not specific for HPV.

Choosing the right product depends on individual needs and specialized medical advice.


This gel contains lactic acid and is designed for intimate care and hygiene. Lactic acid can help maintain a balanced pH in the vagina and promote a healthy environment.

Contains lactic acid.


Colpofix is ​​a topical gel that can be used as an adjuvant in the treatment of cervical disorders, such as those caused by HPV.

Contains lactic acid and ascorbic acid.


Papilocare is a gel designed for the care of the vaginal mucosa in women with lesions associated with HPV.

Contains hyaluronic acid and beta-glucan.


Monogin is an intimate gel formulated to help maintain vaginal pH balance and prevent discomfort associated with vaginal dryness.

Contains lactic acid.

Promotes the regression of:

  • Unclear cervical smears


  • HPV‑induced cervical lesions
  • Others

The prevention and treatment of

  • cervical lesions caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV),

Gel to prevent and treat cervical lesions* caused by HPV.

  • Low-grade cervical lesions (ASCUS/LSIL)

For the treatment of any origin and nature of

  • vulvovaginitis and
  • cervicovaginitis

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