MONSET Silicone Scar Sheets

22.98 $

Designed to treat most types of new and old scars.

  • Say No to Scars: Monset silicone scar gel sheets are designed to treat most types of new and old scars including hypertrophic and keloid scar removal, acne scars, c section, post surgery, tummy tuck, stretch marks, burns
  • Advanced Scar Treatment: Our silicone scar strips help to minimize and reduce scar size, lighten scar color, relieve redness and itching, improve scar area texture and enhance skin elasticity making it soft and smooth
  • Safe & Non-Invasive: Made from medical grade silicone gel for scars, our silicone patches are latex-free, non-irritant and safe to be used by people with sensitive skin including pregnant women and nursing moms
  • Easy to Use: These silicone strips for scar healing can be cut into your scar size like silicone scar tape for surgical scars; being soft, breathable and sticky, our sheets stay securely in place, barely noticeable and allow comfort wearing all day long
  • Ample 45-Day Supply: Monset pack contains 6 silicone scar sheets for surgical scars and other; each sheet measuring 5.7×1.57 inch and can be reused for up to 2 weeks with proper care; simply wash this surgical tape silicone after use and let it dry


  1. Wear the sheet up to 12-24 hours a day for better results
  2. After the sheet is removed wash the scar with warm water
  3. If your silicone sheet got stained, gently wash it in warm water and let it dry


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