HPV Fight Back !

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HPV A Guidebook to Infection with Human Papillomavirus and How to Fight Back!

What if just going to the doctor isn’t enough? Over 80% of women will get infected by HPV, a sexually transmitted virus that can cause genital warts and cervical cancer. Dr. Laura McKain has helped many women overcome HPV infection in her gynecology practice, going beyond what the medical textbooks cover. In HPV: A Guidebook to Infection with Human Papillomavirus and How to FIGHT BACK, Dr. McKain shares her insights so you can too. In clear, straightforward terms, HPV explains everything you need to know about preventing, diagnosing, and treating HPV and the conditions associated with it. Most importantly, HPV empowers you to take action against HPV, by giving you the kind of prevention and holistic treatment information your doctor just doesn’t have the time to cover. You’ll learn:

  • The different types of HPV, how they’re diagnosed, and how to treat them
  • The foods and supplements that may help you clear HPV
  • Why vaccines and condoms can sometimes help–AFTER you’ve been infected
  • Why you need to reduce stress and get some sleep to get well and how to do it
  • How to approach your sexual partners
  • Three case studies of how actual patients kicked the HPV threat

And much, much more! You have the power to control your risk of cervical disease. Grab a copy of HPV today, so you can start to…..FIGHT BACK!


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